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(ddir.com) – Capital Hill
How I heard of this place: Who hasn’t heard of this place?
Type of cuisine: Burgers. Fries. Shakes. Nuff said.
Ambiance: Completely casual. So casual in fact that you stand outside or sit in your car to eat.
What I ordered: Both my dining companion and I, as well as the long-bearded guy who ordered after us selected the deluxe burger ($2.40) and fries ($1.40) as well as the recommended chocolate shake ($1.90).
What I loved: I can’t believe I actually came to Dick’s. It’s been about seven years since I tried my first Dick’s burger (the prices have gone up) up in the Crown Hill neighborhood and haven’t ever had any desire to return. Being nearly midnight, though, and starving without anywhere else open, you have little choice but to walk the two blocks up the road to savor the grease, fat and salt of the fare at this Drive In.
Why I loved it: It’s open late (until 2:00 a.m.) and you know exactly what you’re gonna get. Grease-dripping, high salt, fat-fueled fast food.
Cost: Low ($10) to feed two people a full meal.

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