The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co.

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( – Belltown
How I heard of this place: Through my friend and fellow gourmand, Brandon.
Type of cuisine: Cupcakes, coffee and loose leaf teas.
Ambiance: Casual – order at the counter and then sit at one of a limited number of tables. Varied atmosphere in terms of it being both a place to relax for a cup of coffee with a friend, doing work or studying using free wifi service, reading a book or the daily newspaper, or picking up a cupcake or dozen to go.
What I ordered: Since I was just here two days ago, I had an idea of what I was going to order – namely one of the two signature cupcakes…whichever happened to still be available. Before you go thinking that I’m suddenly on a cupcake binge, I went simply as part of a downtown food tour for a few friends visiting from out of town (Vancouver, BC and LA). Each of us had to get one cupcake, so the first made his choice: Raspberry Chocolate. Then was another: Creme Brulee (at my recommendation) and the third: Strawberry Red Velvet. Mine was the one and only: Pancakes n’ Bacon.
What I loved: I loved the chocolate raspberry most of all – at least in today’s selections. The pancakes n’ bacon was interesting and just like what it sounds – pancakes, maple and bacon. It’s basically an entire plate of breakfast rolled into one cupcake. Where’s the coffee? Perhaps that should be the flavor of frosting…Instead, it was a maple cake with bits of bacon topped with a light maple frosting. And the cherry on top of this bad boy? More bacon. The strawberry velvet was very smooth, soft and exactly as it sounds. The strawberry frosting tasted just like strawberry ice cream. And the creme brulee, being downed before I had a chance to ask, “How do you like it?” was an obvious hit.
Why I loved it: I loved the chocolate raspberry because the chocolate cake was moist and the raspberry frosting tasted of real, fresh raspberries – those of the U-Pick variety in large acres of fruit! Perfect.
Cost: mid- to high for a cupcake/pastry ($3 each)

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