Morton’s: The Steakhouse

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( – Downtown
How I heard of this place: I dined there years ago when I first started my season tickets at the 5th Avenue Theater and they offered a free dessert (with purchase of an entree) for season ticket holders.
Type of cuisine: Steak. Meat. Potatoes on the side. American.
Ambiance: Initially the space screams formal! In fact, my dining companion commented that he felt underdressed upon being seated. And to his credit, Morton’s does tend to cater towards those enjoying a special evening out, dressing up (business attire or semi-formal wear), but also hosts those of us who come after work and before a show at the Theater. Jeans and button-up shirts are seen on some men. I would recommend getting out of the jeans and t-shirt mode, though, for such an establishment. Dark lighting – bypassing the dim, mood-lighting altogether. Music is calm and very much in the background. The staff are attentive and eager to please, in sincere form.
What I ordered: I generally order either the seafood of the day (Coho Salmon) or the large prawns in whatever style the chef prepares them that evening. Tonight I wanted to branch out and give the steak a go when the Cajun Ribeye Steak popped out at me from this day’s menu. (I have to interject that I do prefer a well-cooked piece of meat without any red/pink so while the filet mignon came highly recommended by both my dining companion and the waiter, I had to go with my gut. Albeit fair to say that I did consider the single filet mignon, I asked for the waiters recommendation between the two and he strongly urged me on to the blackened chunk of meat. We also ordered two sides: the grilled jumbo asparagus (always a favorite of mine) and the sauteed fresh spinach with button mushrooms (which I found too salty, but were the favorite side of the other diner). Of course, the meal started out with the famous Morton’s warm bread roll with caramelized onions baked into it, big enough to serve six, but easily feeding just the two of us. For dessert, we ordered the made-to-order chocolate lava cake as well as the vanilla creme brulee.
What I loved: It goes without saying that I loved the free dessert most! But if it weren’t free I may have been disappointed. The fresh raspberries on the side of the desserts were the best part, which Morton’s, I’m sure didn’t grow themselves. That being said, I commended the vanilla ice cream that was served on the side of the molten chocolate cake, but our third dining companion (who joined only for dessert) said it tasted like Dryers. In all honestly, the grilled jumbo asparagus was my favorite – perfectly grilled, just crisp enough to bite off smoothly, but grilled to perfection where the flavors melted in your mouth. The Cajun steak took the silver (in complete Olympic fashion) and I will say that I’d eat it again.
Why I loved it: You always know what you’re gonna get at a steakhouse. Good meat. Big portions. High cost. But the asparagus itself is well worth returning for. Even if for nothing else.
Cost: High ($46+ for steak)

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