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( – Vancouver, BC, Canada
How I heard of this place: I was in Vancouver leading a few workshops on Cravings and “The Bahá’í Diet” and my friends Tobin & Sarah recommended the place for some of the best sushi in the neighborhood. While I can’t speak to other establishments, I must say this is some of the best I have tried in Vancouver over the years.
Type of cuisine: Japanese, Sushi
Ambiance: The place is a bit of a whole in the wall – especially when you enter through the back (parking lot) and have to walk through the kitchen where staff are frantically washing dishes and running trays and things back and forth to the restaurant area. It threw me off slightly when I almost bumped into a man purposefully exiting the kitchen and stopping abruptly to put things down in front of me – on a chair in the hallway – apparently meant to store drying dishes. Very simple décor if you’d even call it that. Completely casual, though a young Japanese man wearing a pinstriped suit and sunglasses, sporting an emo hairdo strolled in about half-way through our meal to order take-out.
What I ordered: Maple Roll – spicy salmon over crab, cucumber and avocado, The Volcano Roll – spicy crab topped with rolls filled with scallop, tuna, salmon, avocado, temp. style (according to the menu) and Viva Las Vegas Roll – crab, unagi, avocado, cream cheese, spicy tempura. The Las Vegas Rolls at Wasabi Bistro are always a favorite, so I just had to try the Vegas at Ro.
What I loved: My favorite was the Viva Las Vegas Roll.
Why I loved it: Firstly, I loved it because it had unagi, which is one of my all-time favorite sushi ingredients. Additionally, it was spicy and flavorful, lightly tempura fried to add a crisp texture to the softness of the cream cheese and avocado. Also, it came without the tobiko, which, for me, is a plus any day.
Cost: CAD$5.50-CAD$8.50 for a plate of eight sushi

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